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"The evocative phrasing of Francisco Joubert Bernard's solo bassoon and the strings' deeply resonant sonority took special honors."
"Francisco Joubert Bernard exuded authority in the bassoon’s alternately rhythmic and melodic strokes."
—Lawrence Budmen,
South Florica Classical Review

About Francisco Joubert Bernard

Francisco is currently the Second Bassoonist of the Louisville Orchestra. Originally from Puerto Rico, Francisco completed his BM in the “Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico” and has a MM degree from the Yale School of Music. Before joining the Louisville Orchestra Francisco was a fellow of the New World Symphony in Miami Florida where he performed with renown artists around the world including a solo performance for the famous film composer John Williams. In addition to his interests in classical music, Francisco is also interested in other music genres; expanding the role of the bassoon in music through the alias VG Bassoonist.

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